Bonesyard is an evolving musical endeavor created by Adam Dietz. Originating in New Orleans in the summer of 2012, Bonesyard migrated west to Oakland, California in 2013 with Adam and his dog Rufus. Adam has partnered with a variety of collaborators to hone original songwriting rooted in Indie Rock, Americana, Blues, and Jazz.  After taking a brief hiatus following the completion of Where Muscle Cars RoamAdam regrouped Bonesyard in 2020 to celebrate the release of his fourth studio album Sunset, Sun Arising.

Bonesyard’s current lineup features:

  • Adam Dietz: songwriter, composer, vocals, and guitars
  • Brian Godwin: drums
  • Morris Knight: bass

Bonesyard takes pride in collaborating with other musicians and artists in the development of music, album artwork, graphic design, and video production. To learn more, view Partners in Art.

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