Press Kit

Bonesyard is an evolving musical endeavor created by Adam Dietz that originated in New Orleans and has since migrated west to Oakland, California. Across varying iterations of the band featuring several collaborators, Adam crafts original music rooted in Indie Rock, Americana, Jazz, and Blues.

From 2013 to 2020, Bonesyard has played at festivals, fundraisers, private parties, dive bars, cafes while recording and releasing four studio albums.

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Sunset, Sun Arising

2020 finds Bonesyard celebrating the release of our fourth album: Sunset, Sun Arising

Here’s the debut music video from Sunset, Sun Arising: Black and Blue

Previous Releases

Bonesyard’s previous releases can be streamed from Spotify and downloaded from Bandcamp.

Live Bonesyard

Bonesyard has enjoyed playing at a variety of events, venues, fundraisers, and private parties. We will be celebrating our upcoming album release scheduled this Memorial Day Weekend at Arthur Mac’s in Oakland, CA.

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