Partners in Art

GhostsintheAtticWhere Muscle Cars Roam

  • Adam Dietz: music, lyrics*, lead vocals*, guitars, saxophone, Rhodes piano, harmonica
  • Niko Bakulich: bass, Rhodes piano, Hammond B3 Organ
  • Brian Godwin: drums
  • Hanna Rifkin*: lead vocals, lyrics, and music for I’d Rather Build a Home
  • Luiz Ferrari: lead guitar on Corvette and Where Muscle Cars Moan: Ode of Anomie


Production and Sound Engineering: Myles Boisen

Legends of The Pelican Man


  • Adam Dietz: music, lyrics*, lead vocals*, guitars, saxophone, bass on WestSide, harmonica
  • Niko Bakulich: bass, trombone, keyboards, and mandolin
  • Brian Godwin: drums
  • Hanna Rifkin: lead vocals and lyrics for Mr. Ice Queen in a Black Dress
  • Luiz Ferrari: lead guitar on The Shadow

Production and Sound Engineering: killer, killer work from a wonderful team of folks!

  • Adam Dietz: production (I guess) for Mr and Mrs Ice Queens, Neutral Ground, After the Stretch, WestSide, and Before the Dawn Breaks
  • Niko Bakulich: production and recording for The Pelican Man, The Shadow, Matching Tattoos, and Stuck in Laramie
  • Robert Preston of Get Reel Recording: recording and engineering for Mr. Ice Queen, Mrs. Ice Queen, Neutral Ground, After the Stretch, and WestSide
  • Myles Boisen: mastering of all tracks

Cover-Art: Cover-art on Legends of the Pelican Man is courtesy of Barbara Stein.  Check out more of her art here:

Still Dreaming of Love

Production and Sound Engineering: The amount of work and patience that went in to this album is hard to quantify.  I am very thankful for the kindness and good work of the following folks:

  • Jason Rhein of Elephant Quilt Productions at Marigny Recording Studio: music production, sound engineering, and mixing on Ghosts in the Attic, The Storm (love song), and …on my mind
  • Ben Joseph and Ren Richardson of Attic on Decatur Studio: sound engineering and production on Ocean Beach Blues.
  • Earl Scioneaux, III: mixing on Cast Away Stones, Fog Walk, Dare to Dream, Suite Eve, and Desi’s Arrival.

Musicians: I had the pleasure and honor of these fine musicians gracing my music with their talents:

  • Jason Rhein: bass on Ghosts in the Attic and …on my mind
  • Joe Stolarick: drums/percussion on Ghosts in the Attic, The Storm (love song), and …on my mind
  • Jackie Hellen: conception and singing of background vocals and harmonies on Fog Walk and Desi’s Arrival
  • Ben Joseph: harmonica, bass, backing guitar on Ocean Beach Blues
  • Danovon Calhoun-Bettis: drums on Ocean Beach Blues
  • Al Hebert: piano on Ocean Beach Blues
  • Stephen Pignalosa: drums on Dare to Dream
  • Ren Richardson: organ on Ocean Beach Blues
  • Kelcy Mae: background vocals on Ghosts in the Attic
  • Sarah Accomazzo: initial conception of background vocals on Fog Walk and Desi’s Arrival

Cover-Art: Cover-art on Still Dreaming of Love is courtesy of Barbara Stein.  Check out more of her art here:

Photography: Photos used for the album Still Dreaming of Love are courtesy of Mike Craig.


Andrew Pezzulo: Awesome videography, even awesomer dude and community collaborator.  Check out his work here

Rifftime Studios: video and audio production.

Logo: Bonesyard logo courtesy of Zach Hing.  Zach is a very talented visual and musical artist that frequently collaborates with artists from all walks of life.

Stickers, posters, t-shirts: Ben Bloom does great work!  Check out his work.

Threads: Blood-Bolts Apparel was established in tribute to the California lifestyle.  Check them out here:

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