Suite Eve

Verse 1
Unwinding with the twilight, a vintage practice like a fine wine
Blown away, the worries of your day, leaves caught in a warm breeze
Let your hair down, cradle your neck, sit back counting the stars
Cassiopeia, Orion, Gemini?

Rib of my Rib,
Wherefore art thou tonight?
I gain solace believing you
Look upon the same full moon as me.
I Smile, satisfaction, spending this night together

Verse 2
Shaded from the sunshine, the serenade of bird songs
Brush back the hair from your eyes, to better gaze at the lake
Think about drawing it, you imagine swimming across it
Picking through the blades of the grass, to align with the wind

Will I know it’s you when I see you?
Can I tell it’s your voice I hear?
Dare you eat from the tree of life?
Does my scent entice you in near?
And Does it turn you on?

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