Ocean Beach Blues

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Kind of Blue, in the morningOceanBeachBlues
Kind of hazy by mid-afternoon
And I start raging
Riptide and raging
With the Fury of the Gods

I rock and I roll you
Kiss then undress you
In the choke of the undertow
I twist and I twirl you
Bend and backbreak you
In the curl of the counterflow
Would you deny me on the eve of the apocalypse?
Would you deny me if you were the last man standing?
Or would you rather be alone?

Feeling lame, I’m so tranquil
Intoxicated, I’m feeling high off the sun
I’m so soothing
Unrelentlessly soothing
‘Ware the high-tide of nigh’

  1. The opening line “Kind of Blue” pays homage to the classic and quintessential album, Kind of Blue.  When playing around with the main riff in the verses, it reminded me of this album.  Turns out the song is kind of jazzy in part because it shifts from 3/4 to 5/4 time signature in the verses.
  2. When I was first writing this song, it was about…love lost (shocker!), but then became about that whole December 21, 2013 apocalypse thing, like if one spurned lover might yearn for love one more time at the end of the world.
  3. In connection with the theme of destruction, Hurricane Sandy was doing it’s thing out East, and I was particularly struck with how powerful and destruction the ocean can be.  This was intense for me because I really love the ocean and view it as a place of peace and revival in my life.  Thus, the song began to transition into a song about the ocean and it’s destructive power.
  4. I then tried to combine the 2 themes listed above and write a song from the ocean’s perspective, where an ocean can be both loving and beautiful, but also violent and destructive.  It was very difficult, but also kind of fun to use violent language in a song, and I even asked Facebook friends for help with coming up with violent words for the ocean.  Collaboration is a beautiful thing.
  5. Ocean Beach is in San Francisco and is one of my special, spiritual places.

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