Matching Tattoos

She don’t say much as we drive toward his place.
I roll my window down, and the wind slaps my face.
It keeps me awake, helps me think of something to say…to you.

We’ve got matching tattoos, seared deep in our heads.
The first one stuck, that day you left home
But the second one’s new, fresh after hearing from you…for the first time in years.

What gives you the right…to waltz back into my life?
What dare we expect from you? I shudder to think…
As the default man of the house…
I ask ya “please, please stay away”

A tea pot sounds, its cry fills his house
He says “Jamie you’re so beautiful…you got your mother’s eyes”.
And I’ve got his voice…I carry his name, will I inherit his shame?

early version of lyrics

early version of lyrics

  1. Fortunately, this “story” in this song is fictional. At least for me.
  2. The sad news is that it’s a story that is all too true in the human existence.

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