The Storm

The Storm (Love Song)

Listen to it here!

She was born of the sun, and I…was born of the rain
It made for a storm, we couldn’t talk anymore
She could see it in my eyes
I could feel it on her skin
We lost the joy in our days
I thought I’d write you a Love Song
But I don’t remember the words

She hides behind smiles, but she hides I’ll never know
I hide behind songs, cuz I can’t face up to facts
That I doubt that I love her
Whoa, that we’re falling apart
We lost the joy in our days
I’m trying to write you a Love Song
Ohh, to prove that I do

This morning I feel, overwhelmed by missing you
But it’s too hard to talk, it’s too hard for me to try
I s’pose I hope that you’re happy
Ohhh, I s’pose I’m doing alright
We lost the joy in our days
I’m so sick of Love Songs
When all I’m trying to do is fall out

  1. This is one of the more painful songs I’ve ever written. The good news is that it doesn’t hurt anymore.
  2. I initially intended to play a different version of this song on my wedding day (got canceled, whoops!)…hence the tone and wording of the song changed a teency bit. 🙂
  3. The original chord structure is actually from the first song I ever wrote when I was in 8th grade and a member of my first band, Blue Lemon.  Back then, the song was called Rare Red Winter.  Somewhere out there, exists footage from our 8th grade dance and us playing this song.
The Storm

earlies version of lyrics

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