Ghosts in the Attic


Listen here!

Amber catches her reflection
Staring back from the rearview
She used to be prettier
She used to want to be longed for
And on cue, Kelly calls her.
Confused, dead tired, still dreaming of Love

Kelly crushes up bay leaves
Makes a stew on the days she gets lonely
But the freezer’s full, and the pots have gone cold
The Thunder cracks, it breaks up the silence
She opens the door, to smell the rain fall.
She tallies up lightning bolts from the patio.

They first met at the Fairgrounds
Danced their night in back of the Speakeasy
Fell in love under the spell of the Moonshine

The ghosts in the attic run away
Scared to death of the boredom
They don’t fight since Amber moved out
Kelly don’t spook since she cleaned up
More frightened still of their unspoken agony
But it’s too late to change now, too hard to be alone

  1. I started grooving on a version of the main guitar hook the day I bought the guitar of my dreams, a Fender Jazzmaster that I call “Heartbreaker”.306562_10101406445334083_1188191772_n

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