Dare to Dream

Last night, in my dream, I crawl out the window
Of my home in the country
To meet with my neighbor downstairs
Who was playing his harmonica

I wake to a rainstorm, gaze out the window
My grey city skyline
I see my neighbor downstairs,
Holding an outstretched arm, cup in hand

I reach for my guitar, start playing & singing
A song I suddenly know
My neighbor downstairs is clapping and singing
The words I can’t recall now

The rain starts to letup
The city awakens & the Suits, & the Suits pass on by
My neighbor downstairs, catches my eye
He nods and mouths the words I don’t know

  1. During the Spring/Summer of 2012, I started having and remembering some pretty amazing dreams, one of which included the framework of a song.  Pretty awesome occurrence, one I can’t make up, and further illustrates that ya just can’t force song writing.
  2. On the album, I will be joined by friends and family playing various instruments with the intention of including as many folks as possible in the creative process.

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