Rough Tracks-Where Muscle Cars Roam

Our 3rd album is steadily becoming a reality!  We’ve been putting in a lot of work, still have a bunch to do.  But it’s super fun work, and truly a privilege.   If you’re curious, you can check-out some very rough tracks here.

We return to San Francisco to close out September at El Rio, marking our 3rd time there (I think).  We’ll be headlining a Saturday night show for the first time there, so it’s gonna be awesome.


Happy Summer!

Summer Songwriting Swoon


Bonesyard closes out June @ Mission Community Market

Goodness gracious! Now that the boom and blasts have elapsed, July finds Bonesyard focusing on the singer/songwrtery tasks.  Adam is honored to kick-off the Songwriter Sessions at Lucky Horseshoe on July 10.


Then, we head back into the studio on July 16th to firm up some vocal and other parts.  It should be a lot of fun!!!

Come August time, we have the honor of playing in the Eastmont Hills at National Neighborhood Night-out on August 2nd and then we get to join Uncle at the wonderfully friendly, and even better beer makers of Alameda Island Brewing Company on August 26th.

Back at it!


Put on some shoes, hippy

April brings us baseball, the NBA playoffs, kind words for the IRS, and spring swooning.  And for us fun folks here at Bonesyard: well, we’re back at it!  We got gigs.  We be recording.  We be rehearsing new material.  Exciting times!

Come say (or sing) “Heya” to us at The Starry Plough and Mission Community Mercado.

And if you’re so inclined, here’s a sneak peak at a (very) rough cut of some new material.




Bonesyard @ Mission Community Mercado

Really pumped up to announce that Bonesyard and/or Adam (solo style) will be playing a monthly gig at Mission Community Mercado in San Francisco on the last Thursdays of every month starting with April and thereafter thru 2016!


Bones @ Oaktoberfest 2015

This is a wonderful community gathering that still feels like San Francisco has a soul.

Rifftime Sessions

Happy New Music Tuesday!  

Bonesyard has loved partnering with Rifftime over the past year (and is excited for future partnerships too!) and we’re happy to be Rifftime’s first featured artist of 2016:

Introducing Bonesyard: Rifftime Sessions

New year, new logo, new album

Whoa! Lots of newness on the horizon for Bonesyard.  After some gigs in January, we’ll return to the studio to further record new album: Where Muscle Cars Roam.

Speaking of new, we want to thank Zach Hing for our awesome new and dog friendly logo!

If all this newness is too overwhelming, here’s an old tune with a new take on it 🙂