About Bonesyard

Bonesyard (formerly known as Bones) is an evolving, musical endeavor.  At present, most of the musical creations rest somewhere in the Americana/Indie Rock, genre that we’ve affectionately dubbed Indiecana (patent not pending).  2020 finds us completing work on our 4th album with the working title of: Sunset Rising.

We are currently located in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area.  Please contact us bonesyard.adam@gmail.com


Bonesyard currently consists of:

  • Adam Dietz: all instruments and vocals
  • Rufus: throaty vocals, violent tail, little trouble, all love


Former members:

  • Niko Bakulich: Bass, arrangement guru, pizzazz you can’t learn in school
  • Brian Godwin: Drums, garage purveyor, sex-appeal
  • Hanna Rifkin: guest lead and background vocals, beer-snob


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