“What’s in a name?”

What indeed, Billy?  What indeed?  I have long pondered a name change for the band…not because I don’t like the band name Bones (sheesh, using a double negative in a sentence linked with Shakespeare is just…ironic?!). But more so because…there are just a lot of other musical acts named Bones.  Like a lot.  And, well…in this day and age of Internet weirdness, lawsuits, and tomfoolery, now is the time to make a change, with a new album in the works and with the running out of business cards and such.  And I just hate that when you see our music in Spotify, it links to someone else as the artist too.  Efffff that.

So….I am a bit saddened and a little scared to announce that Bones is growing into Bonesyard.  Though it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way, I think it’s a good transition.  I mean, that’s the webaddress. And the Internet doesn’t lie.

So meet Bonesyard.  Bonesyard! A new logo is in the works.  So is a new album.  And…I guess reissues of the old ones under the new name…Bonesyard.

Hang-on to your hats, join along with me.  Bonesyard is here to rock ‘n’ roll.  Lo-fi style.  In Americana.

1 thought on ““What’s in a name?”

  1. For the record: Bones was the initial name for the collection of original musical adventures I, Adam Dietz embarked on. Why Bones? Well…’twas my nickname as a wee lad bestowed upon me by my father, and it rapidly became my nickname on the baseball diamond repeated by teammates and other parents. When thinking about the nickname Bones, I still smile and think of my childhood and baseball.

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